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Indian hardware start-ups are making their presence felt


Indian start-ups are mostly known for its software innovations. However, recently Indian start-ups have also start coming in the field of hardware because of the extensive opportunities based on internet of things (IoT), cloud based technologies and drones. Earlier Indian hardware start-ups faced difficulty because of underdevelopment of ecosystem like unavailability of various lab facilities for analysing products and launching them into the market but with the assistance of Intel’s Maker Lab for India, these hardware start-ups are touching new heights of success. Intel’s Maker Lab for India are supporting Indian government’s initiative of Digital India and providing the much needed infrastructure, tools and mentorship to these hardware start-ups. Here are few of the Indian start-ups which have gained from this initiative.

  1. Aerx Labs: Aerx Labs works in the field of making flight stimulators which are devices that have the capacity to recreate flying experiences as well as drones. These simulators assist pilots in training as well as helps in designing, developing and testing flights. It allows its user to take part in understanding and controlling air density, cloud precipitation, turbulence, and wind shear by replicating the equations that direct the flight controls and flight physics.
  2. Avench: This start-up aims at providing technologies that work through embedded engineering platforms. It assists IoT systems by providing it with various connectivity modes ranging from GPRS, Lora, wifi etc. In addition, it also provides customised services of Linux kernel and few other boot loaders as well as works towards supporting product engineering and product design embedding.
  3. Green Ocean Research: It works in the field of healthcare by providing ergonomic medical devices. These medical devices are easy to use and carry and are based on a diagnostic platform which provides multiple parameters for diagnosing various medical conditions such as blood pressure, blood glucose level and pulse oximetry. It’s simple technique and portability makes it an easy device which can be used both by the doctors and patients.