Home Funding Riot bags a funding of US$100,000 from HAX

Riot bags a funding of US$100,000 from HAX


Riot is a Bangalore based startup initiated by Aarda kannan Ambili, Ranjana Nair, Sanchi Poorvaya and Kannan Natarajan. It is indulged in the field of creating baby monitoring devices. One of its products is a device that monitors the sleep of babies without touching them and disturbing their sleep. It is product that parents can trust totally as the lack of contact makes it easy and safer to use on babies. One just needs to plug in the product, install it and get instant mobile updates after that. HAX, a Shenzhen based hardware accelerator found the talent, ambition and technology of the Riot team commendable and decided to fund it in order to help it to connect with the world’s best resources. The Riot team met HAX at the Tech in Asia conference held in Bangalore this July and showed them their prototype.

Apart from getting a funding of US$1OO, OOO from HAX, Riot will also get an office space in Shenzhen with a resourceful laboratory. It is a 111 days scheduled programme where experts in designs and local manufacturers will help Riot create a working prototype. Furthermore, this programme will also conduct presentations all around the globe and conclude it with a demo day in Las Vegas at the conference of CES.

Shenzhen, popularly known as the Silicon Valley of hardware is surrounded by great technological advancement at every corner which helped Riot to tap into these resources and create products that works well, looks great and feels good too. HAX has also helped Riot understand the viewpoint and wants of customer. Aarda, one of the co founders of Riot says it isn’t necessary that a customer would always want a high functioning technology thus it is very important to understand the exact need of customers and make products which satisfy their requirements.

The products of Riot shall officially be launched at the end of December with a kick-start campaign in the United States.