The furniture market in India has witnessed a tremendous growth in the recent years, chief demand being that of modern home furniture. Migrating population, increasing urbanization and the rising trend of having nuclear families are the major factors contributing to this increasing demand. According to India Furniture Market 2012-2022, report by Research and Markets, the average age of a home buyer has now lowered from 40 to 27, the main reason for which is the shift in the lifestyles of the present generation, whom we fondly address as The Millennial. They move around cities in search of better education and career prospects, as they are more welcoming to exploring various options available to them, no matter how unconventional. The main challenge with this segment of population, however, is finding a living space which is as comfortable as their homes. This is because purchasing furniture is not only financially burdening but also a liability when it comes to moving cities or simply shifting to a new house. Today, improving rate of literacy and growing influence of western culture are motivating the consumers to adopt a contemporary lifestyle and hence, a demand for modern furniture that is easy on the pockets and involves minimal or no hassles of ownership and maintenance can be witnessed.

Founded in 2015 by Neerav Jain, CityFurnish is one such platform that is providing lifestyle solutions to the consumers for their complete furniture and furnishing needs while saving them the burden of ownership of such depreciating assets.  Ever since its inception, the brand is revolutionizing the on-demand rental economy by making renting affordable and easy. Within less than two years of starting its operation, in an already dominated market, CityFurnish has become the country’s fastest growing furniture, furnishing and appliances rental brand. Its portfolio includes a Residential and Commercial range of furniture which is an epitome of comfort and utility, a Hospitality range handcrafted and customized for hotels and restaurants, and a designer Residential range focused on economical and space saving urban users.

A conscious, coming-of-the-age brand, CityFurnish understands the importance of ease and comfort for its consumers; therefore ensuring that the entire experience is smooth and effortless.  Hence, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority at CityFurnish. Its products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a true value-for-money to the consumers. The significant advantage of the business is their ability to manufacture and design the furniture at their own facility in Jodhpur, providing them an incredible advantage over their competitors, by means of controlling the quality and cost of products. The in-house technology stack enables the brand to manage its inventory at more than 95% efficiency than the competitor and enables faster collection of payments. The products are produced using high quality Sheesham wood to guarantee durability, and are carved with beautiful designs. All the products delivered to the customers are in perfect, mint condition, and as a brand Cityfurnish does not reuse the soft furnishings.  Their strong logistics team delivers and sets up the products within 72 hours without any additional charges. Additionally, they also provide packages of furniture along with appliances, mattress and home essentials for hassle free living experience.

Building a business around the concept of online renting was an exigent task for Neerav, as the usual impression of consumers when purchasing products from an online renting platform is that of buying something which may have already gotten outdated. Regardless of that, a great number of businesses have now began capturing this trend, and are providing solutions to bridge this gap for commodities such as furniture, transportation and consumer appliances. Brands are now facing the dilemma as to how to create a differentiated customer experience among consumers, which also testifies the fact that today’s generation requires innovation and is easily adaptable to technological advancements across products. Keeping that in mind, the brand is planning to launch smart furniture with technology advancements like Sofa with Bluetooth speaker and USB charging slot etc. into the Indian furniture rental market, and is working on building up its technology to improve product management and financial control.

CityFurnish, at present is amongst the top three brands in the online rental furniture industry, and dreams to help Indians to move away from the concept of buying home furniture and appliances, and help them accept a new way of living, that is renting, allowing consumers to save a great amount of capital which can be further invested in other valuable assets.