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Ways to Motivate our Future Generation


Encouragement and motivation are the two major things which help people go ahead in life and achieve what they aspire. Lack of motivation usually ends up in inactivity which leads to inferiority complexes and so on. Encouragement shall be given to children from a very young age so that they become very enthusiastic and develop self-esteem. Schools and teachers have a major role to play here as they constantly monitor the growth process of each child.

Appreciate them for big and small things

If the teacher is able to appreciate the student for his/her skills and behaviour, it will boost up the confidence of that child to perform better. Be it a small classroom activity, homework, or even a big science project, the amount of recognition is what children long for. A small gesture of appreciation could also do wonders in the mind of a young one.

Give away some responsibilities

Ownership is another major factor which can enhance the confidence in children and motivate them to succeed in life. As a part of teaching practice, hand over some classroom duties to students to make them realise the importance of responsibilities and encourage their confidence in their strengths.

Surprise gifts for added advantages

Attending classes on a regular basis shall be appreciated in the classroom with some surprise gifts. This will not only encourage that particular student but will also motivate others to do the same.

Watch their progress and development

Constant monitoring helps children perform better. Teachers shall share the progress report with the children and assist them to focus on areas where they fall weak. When they are able to see and track their own progress chart, the confidence level of a child will automatically increase.

Take them out on field trips

Constant classroom learnings can be boring after a while. Field trips are the best solution in such situations where children will gain practical knowledge about their surroundings and also get more opportunity to strengthen their bonding with their peers. Both of these activities would boost up their energy levels and excite them to be part of such interesting classroom.

Motivating children shall be the priority of any school and teachers. Extreme efforts are required to fulfil this activity from the side of the schools. Thankfully, many Indian schools are planning and executing various programs encourage the young ones. Some of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad have organized even workshops for others to launch innovative programs in this regard.