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50k ventures, an Hyderabad based startup invests in Coding Labs


Neither an interview nor a resume can depict the talent a coder possesses to make a decision of hiring. Though there are many genuinely talented coders in India, identifying them has become a tough job. The CVs have become obsolete most of them with fake experience and just a 30 minutes talk is not enough to judge the skill of a person. Unless a person has really exposure to different coding challenges he cannot gain expertise. It is almost impossible to judge how expert a person is in an interview. So the employers these days are depending more on online skill profiles where they get to know about the coder through reviews. ratings and other posts the coder has posted. A portal that features coding challenges, ratings, reviews etc has become absolutely necessary. Noting this, 50K Ventures has announced that it is going to invest in Coding Labs. Coding Labs is an online portal where coders get to build online skills profile of themselves. Apart from this the coder can access coding challenges of different technology and can become a major contributor to coding labs by adding coding challenges to the portal. Coding Labs which was founded in 2015 is mainly into endowing platform to coders who can code everything feasible. The coders can solve different coding issues and create a profile assessable to different employers and organizations that can check their skills.

The investment round had the CEO of NBOS technologies Vineel Nalla and the co- founder of 50K Ventures at the leading end and this funding was angel round of investment. 50K Ventures is has everything ready to spread out their operations through this investment. Sunjay the person from 50K Ventures said that they are excited about creating oppurtunities for coders. They hope that Coding Labs would be a route to building skilled coders.