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Delicious cuisines right at your doorstep


Everything in this world needs food and when it comes to human food is the main thing in life. A major share of a person’s wallet goes to different cuisines and restaurants that provide different delicacies. Unfortunately Food business has not entered much into Ecommerce and satisfying our taste buds in hectically scheduled life seem just a dream. Seeing this Foodebaba is designed to flabbergast the food lovers with different delicacies. The India’s first exclusive platform of desserts collections and delivery where one can have the taste of Indian legendary right at the doorstep. Taking advantage of latest technology Foodebaba interlinks traders and customers on one platform thereby saving time tedious effort of selecting buying the best of food in the market.

Foodebaba was launched in November 2015 by a bunch of foodies – a team of three who were inspired to do the unconventional, started in Delhi with a branch in Hyderabad. The two engineers and a charted accountant left their lucrative jobs and luxurious life style to and dedicated themselves to building a globally scalable platform of food that has potential. When asked what their ambition is, they said that they wanted to become the Amazon and Google of food industry. They aspire to bring all the legendry eaters of the world on one platform. Their mission is- connecting India to other parts of the world through tasty delicacies and desserts. This was not an easy task. There was one year of research with a team of 32 members. They faced many challenges. The first one was funding for which they initially got a few offers but the terms were not favorable. So they decided to put their savings. They learned about how business is done in India. Foodebaba offers wide array of products. The startup equips solutions to both customer and seller.