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Social entrepreneurship accelerator Tech For Good lands in Singapore


Social entrepreneurship and Civic minded Technology is slowly grabbing attention worldwide for sure and Singapore is not excluded. Though this sector is not new recently it started to be a little more in lime light with support of established players. The Singapore National University has programs for Startups in combination with Social Venture Challenge and Center for Social Enterprises of Singapore or raise in other words is another body that is raising awareness and buoy up for social enterprises in Singapore.

Raise is member of AVPN, the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network organization that has two hundred and fifty members of over thirty countries and these countries seek to boost the stream of financial, intellectual and human capital to social sector and improve social influential efficiency of its members across pacific reason.

Now there is another member of Asian Venture Philanthropy Network by name Tech for Good that announced that it is entering Singapore and Southeast Asia. Tech for Good is an organization that is devoted to buoying up social tech and entrepreneurs. It started two years ago in Israel and is with vision to make most out of tech innovations the country is known for. Tech for Good works as accelerator to socially minded startups named Tech For GOOD Rally. According to Co-Founder Yoav  Elgrichi, Presently Tech For Good plans to turn Singapore into a regional hub for social tech. According to The Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder Nir Shimony the demand to for application of technology for social problems was always a good option present. He also points to Israeli startup Talkitt whichisa company that was benefitted by the program. Talkitt developed an app by which the speech impaired people can speak and their words could be understood by common people.