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The Success of Indian Health Care Startup Practo


Procto is an Indian Healthcare Startup which is based in Bangalore and it has expanded across Asia to Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.  Presently Practo has been launched in Brazil, which is the largest market in South America. Practo has two main products – One is Practo Search, an app in which patients find suitable doctors and the second one is Practo Ray which is software that is cloud based to help doctors manage patients. The app initially was available in Portuguese and English for Brazil’s most populous city Sao Paulo. Shashank ND, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer said that the startup attempts to solve health care related problems that are similar to India and other markets in which the app operates. The company visualizes a market that is worth two hundred billion in Brazil which has a population of about two hundred million and is the fifth largest economy in the world. Shashank tells that healthcare market is enormous and consumers are spending sixty percent of healthcare costs from their own purses rather than insurance or public health grants.

Presently the Doctors of Brazil are poorly served.  Shashank says that there is no new cloud based end to end software present for doctors in Brazil and they end up using multiple software products for the purpose which Practo Ray can do on single base and he sees this as a huge opportunity and they are seeing that the doctors are greatly interested already. Presently there are over five thousand and five hundred verified doctors and Practo aims to reach Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities in the latter half of the year.

Presently Practo is in Hyper Growth mode since August of 2015 when its funding of ninety million US Dollars which was led by Tencent. Besides expanding, Practo is on mission to become a health app that works as all in one thereby broadening its scope of connecting to diagnostic labs, hospital and wellness centers.  In this manner Practo is flouting new ground as fusion startup by going global from India making Practo Ray as B2B and Practo Search as B2C.