Home Startup News Now we have a mobile app testing Platform – Robus Test

Now we have a mobile app testing Platform – Robus Test


Usually when we install an app on our mobile and it does not work properly, crash, slows down other mobile functions or do not meet our expectations we simply uninstall it. We do not report to the app designer or do not bother to give a feedback. We never install it again and the App goes to be a flop. This actually put the responsibility on the creator to ensure that his or her app works as expected before it is released into the market. If the app just works on his or her mobile, it is not enough.

Robust Test is exactly the need for Mobile app. Robust Test helps one to release new App with confidence with the help of its powerful features. There is simulating network conditions that include location and available network. One can create automation of scripts without writing any line of code. Robust Test has powerful test case execution network. It is capable to integrate with various tools in various application phases of lifecycle from building application to logging bugs. It gives sophisticated reports on app’s functionality and performance.

Robust Test tests both Android and iOS apps. It is the baby of Om and Aishwarya. Om created many sophisticated testing tools and is inexhaustible polyglot in terms of programming languages while Aishwarya is into different kind of roles from software testing to learning and development. The idea of mobile testing came out of Om’s immense passion for software test automation space. Robust Test is different from others operating in the same space in the way that this platform has entire range of  software testing needs from software testing to device testing. The team that is currently concentrating Indian market is aiming to enter US and UK markets soon. The product has been validated my multiple enterprises and the company is looking to add customer at quicker pace.