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Omitra can be your best travel buddy


Long train journeys are inevitable and often very boring, especially when one travels alone and often times we wish we had a company somebody that we know and talk and pass time the entire journey. Sometimes we fear falling asleep and miss getting down at our destination station. Many a times, we wish we had someone who is going near to our house so that we can share the same taxi or auto and save the charges.  All these incidents and thoughts made Sri Hari and Vikas to pioneer an awesome startup called OMitra an app that allows travelers to connect with co-travelers.  It is something like whats app group in same train. This app can be used to know co-travelers, exchange seats, share taxi rides, find friends etc. it also allows you to send pickup SMS to family members, gives wake up alarm by sounding alarm thirty kilometers before the set destination. Omitra aims at making journey a wonderful experience by providing giving solutions to common travelling problems by using Social networking concept. Started in August 2015 this app is used by more than five hundred travelers daily and it hasan average of more than fifty passengers using this everyday to interact with other in the train. Though the phone numbers and seat numbers are kept secret, the user has to provide PNR to allow only legitimate users into the group. Apart from this all the important railway information is available on the app for the convenience of the passengers that helps one to reach the right authority of railways for cleanliness, food complaints and security purpose.

Vikas the founder previously worked with HCL and Qualcomm before this startup and he holds five patent rights for his contribution before pioneering this app while the other founder Sri Hari, son of Head of TTE in Vijayawada was very fascinated with railways and the way they work. He has over fourteen years of sales, revenue, marketing and customer support experience in corporate.