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Srikanth Bolla visually challenged CEO of a fifty Crore company


Helen Killer quotes that the worst thing than being blind is having eyes but no vision. Srikanth Bolla is visually challenged and rejected by IIT. Even his parents were advised to discard him in childhood because blind kids are condemned as useless by society. Now twenty three years old Srikanth Bolla is founder of Bollant Industries and he employs uneducated and physically challenged people to manufacture disposable packing solutions that are eco friendly. The company is worth fifty crores as per present values. Srikanth is proud about this he said that he proved that the world which said that he can do nothing is wrong and he is the person who can do anything.  Srikanth says that he is lucky to have a backing parent who did not give up when others were against them. He was from an uneducated family  in a remote village with monthly income of parents, twenty thousand Rupees. His parents were shunned for admitting him in regular school and were compelled to send him to school for visually challenged. Despite these challenges Srikanth excelled in academics and scored 90 percent in 10th grade. He was not given admission in Science stream because of his blindness.  Srikanth did not give up. He sued the government and fought for six months to get justice. He converted his text book into audio books and scored ninety three percent in 12th standard but he was denied to write enterance exams for BITS Pilani or IIT  due to vision disability. This did not stop him from trying for top schools and eventually secured admission in MIT with Scholarship.  He is first international blind student for MIT.  After doing Masters in Massachusetts he came back to India to help other impaired and challenged students . initially he helped three thousand students and then thought about their employment. This gave him the idea of setting up of manufacturing unit.  Srikanth says that his inspiration is Swarnalatha who was his teacher and also co-founder of his company. Presently this man holds four production plant in Hubli, Nizamabadh and Hyderabad.  Hats off this Man who has set an impression to the disheartened mass.