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TruckSumo is best way to moving anything anywhere


When we want to move from one place to other transportation is the big problem and especially in India, transportation is a much unorganized sector. Transportation is the segment where technology can create a big difference. There is a regular demand and large numbers of goods transportation vehicle owners cum drivers who can become entrepreneurs. Nithin ,Abhishek and Arun observed this untouched marker and gathered to give bring TruckSumo into existence. TruckSumo is an integrated technology that meets inter-city goods transportation demand. TruckSumo is collector of mini-trucks and it connects businesses with local logistics. The mission of TruckSumo is rewiring logistics of inter-city.

TruckSumo aims to be the Amazon Web Service for Logistics and they not only work with Small and Medium Enterprises but also like to work with institutional clients. It believes that if every employee is backed up with right tools and empower them with right system, they can make the organization more efficient.

The idea of TruckSumo Lingered in the minds of Nithin ,Abhishek and Arun for two years and they did a lot of research and discussion on this and could see the prevailing problems in this industry.  There was no transparent pricing system and quality in services. The available transportation facility was poorly utilized and the system was completely broken. All of them wanted to crack this problem and so on 2015 they felt that it was the right time for their dream project to come into being. They discussed it over coffee, while one wanted to crack inter- city, the other wanted to crack intra- city and they coined the name and logo in twenty four hours. Their skill sets also matched. While Arun is from sales background and Abhishek was skilled in large scale operations and Nithin was from Product and technology. TruckSumo has been on rise since 2015 and they are handling 17000 operations a month and 900 regular loyal customers.