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You can deliver anything that is legal with Vdeliver


The advent of internet has drastically changed the way of trading. The physical boundaries of business have expanded from local to national even international and physical market place is enhanced to Global ecommerce platform. Customer orders for a product can come from any part of the world. There is a increment of 25% in Global ecommerce trade. This gave rise to need of having proper logistic agency to deliver the product. Unfortunately there is not even one logistic company that is integrated to take care of delivery of goods. This may not seem a problem for customers who get the orders on time but for retailers dealing with different logistics is a daunting task.

One can depend on Vdeliver which was started by Mr Hemachandra Reddy and Srinivas Madhavam in 2011. Vdeliver was initially food delivery startup app and website but later converted into delivering anything that is legal. Vdeliver is everything about intercity logistics that works from eleven in the morning to eleven in the night. It delivers anything that is not restricted by government anywhere within Hyderabad city. Vdeliver aims at people of high income group and local business men who want to deliver goods to their customers.  Vdeliver understands the business requirement differs for different customers. So it has different price packages for different customers.

Package 1 is for those who need fast delivery. It is time bound and estimated time is 60 minutes for 5kilometers. Package 2 is for delivery of fragile items. These two packages are for individuals.

The packages for business class are package 1 in business – where delivery is in four hours and package 2 in business where delivery time is 12 hours. This startup has list of clients like Zooper, Zomato, Vodafone Documents from Hexaware Technologies etc. Vdeliver has completed more that 40,000 deliveries with 99.5 percent accuracy and 90 percent point to point destination.