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If you have a brilliant Idea for startup BuiltForFree would help you realize it


With commerce going digital, there are a lots of enthusiastic entrepreneurs coming with new innovative idea of make money and fame.  They are unfazed by ups and downs, go- getters who would not rest until they have achieved what they thrived for. They wade through troubled waters to make things work and to make things work. They never take failure as end but overcome it and these qualities are what makes then stronger and successful. Struggles are inevitable in starting up any business but it is very rare that one gets to start a chance to become entrepreneur without any investment. BuiltForFree is that rare opportunity where one can launch their product with no investment at all.

BuildForFree is an initiation of Egghead Creative which is a wide open platform started in 2015 with an aim to assist people who are making their debut start-up with help of their ideas. The concept consists of submitting an idea which is validated and then a free working prototype is built for the idea. Egghead Creative is a technology Boutique startup based at Hyderabad that works as strategic advisory and consulting encouraging entrepreneurs. All one has to do is submit their ideas to BuiltForFree which in turn puts the ideas to vote of jury and the winning idea would be announced to which a prototype would be built and launched for free. This startup has authentic prowess in building end to end solution of web and mobile. The first success came to BuiltForFree in Summer 2015 campaign in which it received 150 idea applications and H2O cab services was declared the winner. BuiltForFree plans to hold the next campaign in February 2016. This campaign is an opportunity for the struggling entrepreneurs to present their ideas and realize their dreams. The Egghead Creatives and BuiltForFree brings volunteers and and mentors on one platform to provide functional head that would simplify the execution of the first crucial step.