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DoctorC helping to cure Monetary Pandemic


The advent of digital era has witness mushrooming of startups revolving around technology not all but a few are novelty and very few come up to celebrating the renaissance of health care. With lingering illness health foresees disparities in costs and quality of treatement of increases the suffering in patients by adding expenses that are most of the times unaffordable.  DoctorC is the one health tech startup that has a novel mission of making the health care affordable simple and transparent. DoctorC is a platform that caters to the need of educated patients who wants to be informed about the health market. They would like to know and research about the recommended test rather than complying to doctors recommendation blindly. Labs and

Doctor C is a mobile and internet application that helps the customers in deciding on Labs and Medical diagnostics based on the cost and quality associated with tests available. DoctorC sorts out the data of health care providers and administration that conduct the tests. It also caters to getting appointments via online mobile platform or telephone which also provides rebate of fifteen to fifty percent. DoctorC is partnering with centres that are accredited by NABL National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories which is Government assured Quality and standard board, to assure the customers with the best quality of services.

DoctorC also provides space to write and read reviews of patients. Founded by Dr Dayakar Reddy, this startup has four stalwarts Neehar Cherabuddhi who is serial entrepreneur and a Student of Brown University of US, Manasi  Gandhi and Karan Kurani are graduates of Cornell University and Manya Cherabuddhi is business gradate from Virginia of US.

Presently this startup sells test of one Crore Rupees annually and raised seed funding for two and half crores from Leviathan Investments of Colifornia. The trailblazer startup would launch its services in Bangalore